Dumfries and Galloway is so unspoilt that, when you know what you are looking for, there is something edible everywhere you look.  We use foraged foods as well as a wealth of local suppliers

Ed and his dog, Eva, enjoy short and long walks all across the region.  Ed never leaves home without some form of receptacle to collect some tasty treats.  On a simple walk he can collect enough for a wholesome pot of soup, a garnish to a dish or just some sweet treats to keep him going on the walk.

Local Suppliers

Grierson Bros

Grierson Bros Fourth Generation Family Butchers has provided meat for my brother in laws’ family for at least 3 generations and regularly buys meat direct from Potterland Farm that is now home to Ed.

Now working with Tom Grierson and his team, they will not only be providing me with fantastic meat prepared with skill and knowledge but also working closely to try to use the less known cuts to ensure we use the whole animal rather than the normal “classic” cuts and breeds. We are aiming to push dry aged steak to a level that few butchers and no supermarkets would try due to space, time and cost and hope to offer you the best steak we can find, aged to a deep flavour and tenderness and cooked to perfection.


Ferry Fish

Ferry Fish have been operating in D & G for over 30 years and thanks to a family connection I have got to know them well. With fresh fish coming from the local day boats as well as more exotic fare from further afield in Scotland I hope to offer not only fantastically fresh fish but hopefully a selection of less known or more sustainably fare from the local region.


The Earth’s Crust Bakery

Tom Van Rooyen at The Earth’s Crust Bakery was the first person in Castle Douglas to make me believe a high quality offering was possible. Using first class raw products, ancient techniques and a genuine passion for his craft, his bread needs no upselling, just walk into the bakery and the smell along will convert you to his traditional sourdoughs and handmade croissants.

We could bake our own bread in the restaurant but with an offering this good on my doorstep I would be a fool to overlook this fantastic bread.


Galloway Smokehouse

Allan at Galloway Smokehouse almost harks back to another era, he has been smoking small batches of high quality salmon for over 25 years, using traditional techniques his smoke salmon is by far the best locally available and despite using very traditional methods he still experiments with high quality raw products including smoked salt, butter and eggs just a small part of his offering.


Galloway Wild Foods

Mark Williams at Galloway wild foods has been instrumental in inspiring me and opening my eyes to the larder that lies hidden in the Galloway woods, hills and coasts. Although he does not supply the restaurant directly, as he exclusively works doing guide walks and days out his knowledge is second to none and his passion for his craft is obvious if you ever get the chance to go on one of his foraging walks. He would baulk at the term mentor but having someone with the level of knowledge he possesses will constantly keep me on my toes and I know there will always be a new ingredient just footsteps away for me to learn about and hopefully bring to you in the restaurant.


Salad Brew

Salad Brew supply quality, tasty salads, fruit and vegetables grown sustainably using hydroponic or organic methods in BorgueGalloway.

We care passionately about the quality of the food we eat, and the way it’s produced, so everything we do is done with the environment in mind: our hydroponic systems use rainwater collected from the roof of our kederhouse, we don’t use any artificial additives or pesticides, we do use natural ways of controlling pests.