Listed in the Good Food Guide 2023

So proud of the team here at Mr Pook’s for all their hard work and dedication as once again we have been listed and awarded ‘Very Good’ by the Good Food Guide.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge and heartfelt thankyou to all our guests who have supported and helped us make Mr Pook’s Kitchen the restaurant it is today.

You keep coming and we will keep feeding you.

Ed and the team




Setting you up for the afternoon at Mr Pooks!

Were you aware that here at Mr Pook’s Kitchen we offer a delicious, seasonal selection of lunchtime dishes from Wednesday to Saturday?
Everything from stunningly prepared starters and main courses to elevated humble toasties specially pan-fried for you in butter!
Our dishes showcase the very best of Dumfries and Galloway produce.
Why not treat yourself to one of our pan-fried butter toasties served with salad and a portion of our special handmade chips.
We also have a special offer to add a
cup of our homemade soup for just £4 or a
bowl for £6.
What better way to set yourself up for an afternoon at work or roaming the stunning Dumfries and Galloway countryside and coastline!
Some of our lunch time temptations include:
Pan-fried butter toasties:
-Minute steak, red onion and cheddar
-Cheddar, tomato and red onion (V)
-Bacon, blue cheese and cranberry
In our light lunch selection we also offer a Plant based burger, salad, pickles and a toasted bun (v)
Alternatively we offer a full range of starters, main course and desserts.
Our ever popular starter of Dullarg Crispy panko duck egg, parsnip crisp (v) served on a bed of white bean and herb stew.
Or perhaps a main course of local Henderson’s 6oz flat iron steak served with house chips, salad and peppercorn sauce
Finishing off with a mouthwatering Chocolate delice and cherry brandy ice cream created by our in house pastry chef Zolan.
Every day for lunch and evening we also have a wonderful selection of specials on our board, there is always something new and fresh to try.
At the moment we have some handmade authentic Italian dishes created by our talented Italian chef Giacomo.
Bar is open for glass of sparkling white, a refreshing beer or perhaps a delicious herbal tea or authentic coffee from our supplier John Watt and Son.
Tables are bookable in advance for lunch or on the day, whether on a lunch break just a break or time out while exploring the Galloway coast.
We also welcome well behaved dogs by arrangement.
If you have special dietary needs please ring in advance and Ed and the team will do their best to help.
Dishes are subject to change.
To book a table please call on 01556 504000
or email
We look forward to feeding you!
Ed and the team

A flavour of Italy at Mr Pooks!

Giacomo has been busy in the Mr Pook’s kitchen anyone passing would be forgiven for thinking they were witnessing a scene from a kitchen in Bologna, The Amalfi Coast or Rome.
He has been hand making various delicious fresh pastas for our guests. Lovingly kneading the dough and preparing mouthwatering fillings for the tortellini.
Tortellini is a type of pasta that originated in the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy. The exact origins of tortellini are somewhat disputed, but it is generally believed to have originated in the city of Bologna.
Legend has it that tortellini was inspired by the navel of Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Roman mythology. According to the story, a famous innkeeper in Bologna caught a glimpse of Venus through a keyhole and was so captivated by her beauty that he created a pasta shape in its likeness. The innkeeper then moulded the pasta into a small, ring-shaped form resembling Venus’s navel.
Among the delicious pastas masterfully created we have a stunning crab and dill tortellini with crabs brought to us fresh from West Coast Seafood.
A fresh vegan red wine and pea mezzaluna.
Individual ribbons of tagliatelle and pappardelle.
Tagliatelle is traditionally made with a simple combination of eggs and flour. The dough is rolled out thin and then cut into long, narrow
ribbons. The width of the tagliatelle can vary, but it is typically wider than spaghetti and narrower than fettuccine.
The name “pappardelle” comes from the Tuscan verb “pappare,” which means “to gobble up” or “to eat hungrily.” The name reflects the hearty and satisfying nature of this pasta shape, which is known for its wide and flat ribbons.
In addition, we have a stunning indulgent Lobster risotto.
Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked with broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. The broth can be derived from meat, fish, or vegetables. Many types of risotto contain butter, onion, white wine, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy. Saffron was originally used for flavour and its signature yellow colour.
Here are just some of the beautiful, fresh seasonal Italian dishes we are introducing to our late spring/ summer menu.
Menus and dishes are regularly evolving to incorporate the freshest quality local produce from our fantastic suppliers right here in Dumfries and Galloway.

Guardian April 2023

So ….
We had the rather glorious Grace Dent and Charles in for their tea a couple of weeks ago and she decided to leave a review of our little restaurant. So pleased to hear her talking about the area and our beautiful, quiet secret spot in the world. The whole team are made up and really pleased to get such warm and positive feedback. You keep coming and we shall keep cooking but a rather wonderful 5 year birthday present.
Ed & the team

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

The wild garlic season is fully underway.

The arrival of wild garlic often signals the start of the foraging season in earnest.

Galloway wild garlic or ramson is abundant in our woodlands and on our riverbanks, typically growing in dense clusters and has bright green leaves with a distinct garlic aroma.

 Mr. Pook’s Kitchen is known for its commitment to using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and the wild garlic is no exception. The chefs forage for the herb in the nearby forests, ensuring that it is at the peak of its flavour and freshness. Once back in the kitchen, the herb is carefully washed, chopped, and added to dishes in a variety of ways.

One popular dish at Mr. Pook’s Kitchen is the wild garlic pesto, which is served with handmade pasta and locally sourced vegetables. The pesto is made by blending the wild garlic with pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and a touch of lemon juice. The result is a bright, flavourful sauce that perfectly complements the pasta and vegetables.

Wild garlic can be used in a plethora of recipes, some examples being soups, pestos, oils, salads and homemade breads. It has a deep and pungent flavour and adds wonderful depth.

It is fair to say spring has sprung here in Dumfries and Galloway and Ed has been out with Eva foraging and finding the freshest leaves for the kitchen.

Overall, the season for wild garlic at Mr. Pook’s Kitchen is a time of creativity, innovation, and delicious flavours. Whether you’re a fan of traditional dishes or looking to try something new, the chefs at Mr. Pook’s Kitchen have something for everyone.

So why not head to the restaurant and taste the flavours of spring for yourself?


Spring 2021… we’re pressing reset

Well, we are now in March, nearly a year since the word normal was blown out of the water.

This time last year we were developing our dishes and looking forward to the upcoming early spring forage for use in our dishes.  Then, well… we all know what happened and no need for us to labour a point, we want to look forward to what the fresh shoots of spring will bring this year.

Last year we adapted and you supported us.  Our @home and carry oot menu’s helped to get us through.  We have spent the time since Christmas reviewing the last year and trying to find our path for 2021.

You will have noticed we are closed at present.  That is partly due to financial constraints, it is tough for all the businesses in our small area to survive on takeaways.  However, we have also taken time to refocus, review and plan.

Mr Pook’s Kitchen opened to provide Castle Douglas Food Town with a new type of fare, to add a new dimension to the town’s current offering.  This year, we want to build on our original foundations, get back to the core of providing fine dining in Dumfries and Galloway.

When we are able to open again, it goes without saying, we will ensure all covid rules are followed to keep our customers and staff safe.

We are working on a new fine dining menu, but cannot finalise this as we don’t know what will be in season we reopen.

Hopefully time will fly by really quickly until we can welcome you back again.

Ed & the team


Mr Pook’s Outside Dining

We love to serve – and now we can from our private sun trap

So, we have all had to adapt over the last few months and try and find a new “normal” (if there ever was such a thing anyway!).

We don’t have a designated ‘beer garden’ here at Mr Pook’s, it is just a concrete car park. However, with the consent of our upstairs neighbours, Bell Ogilvy, and an extended alcohol licence, from today, Friday 10th July we have opened up outside sun trap to offer you ‘Mr Pook’s Outside Dining’.

This coming weekend is looking good, but obviously each week it is dependent on the Scottish weather.  We will take bookings for tables with 48 hours notice.  The word unprecedented has been used a lot in the media throughout this pandemic and we think that has included the weather to date… it was glorious for a few weeks… so we are hopeful the rain remembers to stay away, at least at the weekends!

At the moment we will be serving our Carry Oot menu in our outside space, with some specials for you to come out and enjoy with cocktail, cold beer, or glass of whatever you fancy in the Scottish sunshine.

We are continuing to run our Carry Oot and eat@home menu for those who aren’t yet ready or able to be around people, even socially distanced in accordance with guidance.

We have yet to set a date for opening the inside of the restaurant, so to be the first to know, sign up to receive updates from the kitchen.

Helping our D&G Community during COVID-19

We have a great, strong community here in the Stewartry and Dumfries and Galloway at large and at Mr Pook’s we want to try our best for everyone during these unprecedented times.

In the next few days we will be lauching a home delivery and take away service, so if you don’t wish to come into the restaurant, you still have options other than just pasta and tinned tomatoes!

We are also putting in place a Pay if Forward scheme, where you can buy a meal for someone in our area that is in need.  As Ed explains in the video, we are working with local charities to makes sure the right help reaches the right people.

We are proud of the support our community gives us and want to give as much back as we are able to in the coming weeks and months.


Re-Purposing the Bottle Shop

This time two years ago we weren’t getting set up for Valentine’s Day, we were busy with renovations and the fit out of the Restaurant and Bottle Shop here in Castle Douglas.

This Valentine’s Day we are preparing for another change, Chris Bain of The Bottle List is setting up a new business on King Street with his partner Lynsey Hogg, so here at Mr Pook’s we are left with the space that once housed The Bottle List and are looking at ways to re-purpose the space.  We wish Chris and Lynsey the best of luck in their new venture.

We are going to start by using the space as a private dining area and our aim is to open up a bar area, so that you can pop in for a glass of wine or a cocktail, whether you are dining with us or not.   You can still buy a bottle of wine from us to take home with you and enjoy. Bar / Private Dining Area

The first step towards re-purposing the former Bottle Shop

Any suggestions you have for the space would be most welcome.

Summer Foraging from the Solway Coast

Wild Food

Over the last couple of summers, since I moved to Dumfries and Galloway, I have been building my knowledge of the local foraging. I have been collecting a range of sweet, savoury and sometimes unusual ingredients.

Working with Mark Williams from Galloway Wild Foods, I have slowly increased my knowledge base and confidence with foraging around the Solway Coast. 

Coastal Foraging

The summer months bring more of a coastal flavour with samphire, sea purslane, dulse and other assorted seaweeds.  These allow me to add elements to dishes you may not have tried before and bring a real hit of the coast to various fish dishes.  The seaweeds are of particular interest. I hope to use it to bring an oriental twist to certain dishes. The famed Japanese stock dashi can be re-created without expensive imports in both cost and food miles.

Start of Mushroom Season

From now, heading towards mid-summer the first chanterelles begin to appear. Known as summer gold they are easy to identify and bring not only a big flavour but also a stunning colour to dishes.

Working with Mark I have been expanding my knowledge of the mycelial world and although there are many that I would personally eat and experiment with, only the tastiest and most easily identifiable will make it onto the menu. I like stretching peoples palette and knowledge, but I understand there are limits. If you enjoy the small touches on the dishes, please speak to me in the kitchen. I am always willing to share my knowledge and if you are interested. I may even have some other tastes available to push your pallet slightly further!

Chef Ed Pook