Spring 2021… we’re pressing reset

Well, we are now in March, nearly a year since the word normal was blown out of the water.

This time last year we were developing our dishes and looking forward to the upcoming early spring forage for use in our dishes.  Then, well… we all know what happened and no need for us to labour a point, we want to look forward to what the fresh shoots of spring will bring this year.

Last year we adapted and you supported us.  Our @home and carry oot menu’s helped to get us through.  We have spent the time since Christmas reviewing the last year and trying to find our path for 2021.

You will have noticed we are closed at present.  That is partly due to financial constraints, it is tough for all the businesses in our small area to survive on takeaways.  However, we have also taken time to refocus, review and plan.

Mr Pook’s Kitchen opened to provide Castle Douglas Food Town with a new type of fare, to add a new dimension to the town’s current offering.  This year, we want to build on our original foundations, get back to the core of providing fine dining in Dumfries and Galloway.

When we are able to open again, it goes without saying, we will ensure all covid rules are followed to keep our customers and staff safe.

We are working on a new fine dining menu, but cannot finalise this as we don’t know what will be in season we reopen.

Hopefully time will fly by really quickly until we can welcome you back again.

Ed & the team